Certificate in United States History

Discover the Rich Pageantry of American History

Become an expert in the people, places, events, and ideas of the American experience with Ashland’s Graduate Certificate in United States History. Designed for secondary school teachers, public policy professionals, legislative and executive staffers, museum or historical society curators, and others with a personal or professional interest in the history of the United States.

Improve your Teaching and your Professional Marketability

With many states and school districts now making a push to offer College Credit Plus programs—college-level courses taught on high school campuses—teachers like you need courses that can prepare you for the challenge of college-level instruction. Whether your state calls it College Credit Plus, Dual Enrollment, Dual Credit, Postsecondary Education Option, or another moniker, Ashland’s Graduate Certificate Program in United States History is suitable for secondary school teachers who already hold a graduate degree in another field but wish to become qualified to teach postsecondary history courses.

Who Should Apply?

  • Secondary school teachers with a master's degree in another field who seek to become qualified to teach postsecondary courses in history
  • Those with a master's degree in another field who seek to teach undergraduate courses on an adjunct basis
  • Legislative or other local, state, or federal government staffers and others interested in improving their knowledge of United States history
  • Anyone with a personal or professional interest in American history

Program Structure

Each course in the program is offered for two (2) semester credit hours. Courses are offered in two formats:
  • As residential Weeklong Summer courses during the months of June and July at our Ashland, Ohio campus
  • As live online webconference courses offered on various schedules throughout the academic year.
The typical time to completion of the certificate program is 12 months to 15 months. Students may take up to eight (8) total credit hours during any one semester. Students may take up to two (2) concurrent fall or spring semester Live Online courses, and no more than four (4) during any one semester. Only one course may be taken at a time during summer semesters. Students may not take a Weeklong Summer and a Live Online course concurrently. Students should consult with their program advisor to discuss their semester-by-semester load. All certificate requirements must be completed within ten (10) years from the date of the first course attempted.

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