Multi-Day Seminars Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Multi-Day seminar last? Which weekdays are they held? 

From the evening of day one to mid-day on day three. We attempt to schedule weekend seminars (Friday-Sunday) whenever possible, however during the summer we host mid-week seminars as well. 

What is included in the program? 

Teaching American History pays for a double-occupancy hotel room, materials, historical site admission, and all meals. 

How does the stipend work? 

Teachers must participate in all the sessions, meals, visits related to the seminar. At the end, each teacher receives a stipend check for $600 to cover the cost of travel to the seminar. 

How do you choose your discussion leaders? 

All of our Multi-Day discussion leaders are university professors who teach our graduate school courses. They are historians and political scientists with a deep expertise in the seminar topics they teach. 

What is the historical site visit? 

The visit varies by location and topic. They can range from a presidential library to an archaeological site to an art museum. 

How many teachers are in a Multi-Day seminar? 

To encourage a lively discussion small enough to be intimate, we cap our groups at 20 participants. Occasionally we have teachers who must cancel or reschedule; in that case, we typically have around 18 in the discussion. 

Do I need to make my own travel arrangements? 

Participants must make their own travel arrangements to ensure that they are on-site by the opening reception time on day one. Teaching American History handles all other arrangements, including hotel, meals, and historical site visit. 

Can I bring my partner or child? May I select my roommate?

Since all hotel rooms are booked double occupancy, we ask that participants not bring guests. However, you may select your roommate from among other attendees; just respond to our confirmation email with your preferred roommate and we will make the match. 

Do Multi-Days count for professional development hours? 

Most school districts accept our program for professional development. At the end of the seminar, participants receive a letter of participation acknowledging 15 contact hours. 

I have dietary restrictions and/or physical limitations. How do I request accommodations? 

When you are accepted into the program, we will reach out to learn more about you. At that time you can tell us more and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

What is the dress code? What should I pack? 

Dress is business casual, much like what many teachers wear on Fridays: nice denim and shirt/blouse with comfortable shoes. We recommend that teachers bring an umbrella, highlighters and pens/pencils, a notepad, and layers appropriate for summer air conditioning or winter weather. 

What is the acceptance process? 

We aim to keep our discussion groups intimate and manageable with a diversity of experience, geography, and teaching level, so we ask that interested participants apply. Please complete our brief application and we will contact you via email. 

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