TAH’s webinars are conducted using Webex Events. Participation in a Webex Event does not require any special equipment or software. If you have a broadband internet connection and an ordinary web browser, you can see and hear our presenters as well as ask questions using our online Q&A messaging system.

Preparing for the Seminar

To ensure that your computer meets the system requirements for Webex Events, please run a quick test session by clicking on this linkRunning this test well before the start of the event will help ensure a smooth experience on the day of the event.

The Webex Events requires your web browser to have JavaScript and cookies enabled. If you have any trouble running the Webex system test, see the full list of system requirements.

Entering the Seminar

On the day of the seminar ONLY, click the link you received by email for that program. Webinar sessions will be open about 15 minutes before the formal start time.

When you click on the link, a browser window will open asking you to enter your name (as you want for it to be displayed in the Webex Events participant list) and email address. If a password was provided with your invitation email (and if it was not automatically entered for you), enter the password where indicated. When you have entered them, click Join Now.

After the Webex session loads look toward the bottom of the session window to confirm you audio settings.

  • Confirm that “Use computer for audio” appears at the bottom center of the window.
  • Test your audio by hovering your mouse over the bottom right corner of the window. It will likely be labeled with the name of your computer speakers, headphones, or something similar.  When you over over that label, it should change to “Settings”. Click that to test your computer’s audio settings.
    • Click the Test button to verify that your speakers are working and that the audio level is the way you want it. If you do not hear a sound when you click the Test button, click the dropdown menu next to the Test button to verify that you have chosen the correct audio output.  The options vary depending upon your computer, but may include Internal Speakers, External Speakers, Headphones, or Bluetooth Device.  Also verify that your speaker’s volume is turned up and isn’t muted.
    • It is not necessary to test you microphone for a webinar.
  • Once you have verified your sound, click Join Event.

Having trouble joining the course or seminar?

I can join, but I can’t hear. What should I do?

  • Check your computer’s audio settings.
    • Make sure your computer’s volume is properly adjusted.
    • Make sure your desired audio output device – built-in speakers, headphones, etc. – is selected.
    • Make sure your desired audio output device is plugged in.
  • Check Webex settings.
    • In the Webex Events window, select “Communicate” along the top toolbar, then select “Speaker and Microphone” to test or change your speaker output and volume.
  • Make sure that other applications that use your computer’s speakers or microphone are closed (Skype, etc.).

I keep getting disconnected. What should I do?

Most often, difficulties connecting or staying connected are related to the available bandwith on your internet connection. Make sure other people with whom you share internet are not streaming movies, playing online games, or engaging in other bandwith-intensive activities.

You can also try connecting on a different device, like a smartphone or tablet (see below).

Can I use an Android or iOS device to take part in the webinar?

Yes. The Webex app is available from the Apple AppStore and the Google Play store for iOS and Android, respectively. Install the app, then click the link in our invitation email to join the session. The app will open automatically.

Still having trouble?

Please contact us at [email protected]. Please make sure to say your operating system (Windows or macOS), your browser, and a phone number at which our technical support staff can reach you. We will do our best to assist you.