The Ashbrook Center’s online courses and webinars are conducted using WebEx Training Center. Participation in a WebEx Training Center session does not require any special equipment or software. If you have a broadband internet connection and an ordinary web browser, you can listen in on an online conference. With a web camera and a headset or earbuds with inline microphone (recommended) you can participate fully in an online conference.

Preparing for the Seminar

To ensure that your computer meets WebEx Training Center system requirements, please run the WebEx system test by clicking on this link.

The WebEx Training Center requires your web browser to have JavaScript and cookies enabled. An Intel processor is also required. If you have any trouble running the WebEx system test, see the full list of system requirements.

  • Participants in Live Online graduate courses: You will be given a full orientation before the first class session.
  • Participants in Saturday Webinars: If you have not participated in an online session, please log in up to 30 minutes early so that our webinar hosts can help make certain you are acquainted with the technology.

Entering the Seminar

  • Participants in Live Online graduate courses: You will receive an e-mail from “”. Click on the link in that e-mail to join the seminar.
  • Participants in Saturday Webinars: On the day of the seminar ONLY, click the link you received by email for that program. When you click on the appropriate link, a screen will open asking you to enter your name (as you want for it to be displayed in the WebEx Training Center participant list) and email address. When you have entered them, click “Join Now.” Webinar sessions will be open about 15 minutes before the formal start time.

A page saying “Session in Progress” will appear. Please watch for another box to pop up. Hit “Run” in order to allow the WebEx session to open. When prompted, please select “Use Computer for Audio”.

Having trouble joining the course or seminar?

I can join, but I can’t hear. What should I do?

  • Check your computer’s audio settings.
    • Make sure your computer’s volume is properly adjusted.
    • Make sure your desired audio output device – built-in speakers, headphones, etc. – is selected.
    • Make sure your desired audio output device is plugged in.
  • Check WebEx settings.
    • In the WebEx Training Center window, select “Audio” along the top toolbar, select “Audio Conference” and make sure you have selected to use computer for audio.
    • Then select “Audio” again and click “Integrated Voice Conference.” Click on “Volume” and make certain your audio settings are set properly within WebEx. (You may need to select a different device for your microphone or speakers as well as adjusting the volume.)
  • Restart WebEx.
    • If Skype, Windows Messenger, or other applications that may use your computer’s microphone or camera are open, close them.
    • Unplug and plug back in any external camera or microphone.
    • Log in to WebEx again.

I don’t see the Session in Progress screen, or my system gets hung up on it for a long time. What should I do? 

I keep getting disconnected. What should I do?

WebEx uses software and system components that are often used by other applications. If you cannot successfully enter a session, you may need to uninstall these components.

Can I use an Android or iOS device to take part in the webinar?

  • Yes. Check your App Store for “Webex” and download the app. You’ll be able to use it if you open the email from us with the program link on your mobile device.

Still having trouble?

Please contact us at (Please make sure to say your operating system – Windows or Mac OS, your browser, and a phone number at which our technical support staff can reach you.)