Saturday Webinars

About the Series

Teaching American History’s Saturday webinar series brings together thoughtful scholars with differing points of view to discuss historically important issues that still resonate in the current classroom.

Each webinar:

  • Lasts 75 minutes.
  • Is based in a primary source reading packet which will be provided prior to the webinar.
  • Gives audience members chances to ask questions of the panelists, either before or during the webinar.
  • Provides attendees a list of materials referenced during the conversation.

Attendees who remain digitally present for the duration of the webinar will receive a letter certifying their attendance.

Fall 2024 – American Political Rhetoric

Saturday, August 24th | The Declaration of Independence’s Place in American Political Rhetoric

Saturday, September 14th | Rhetoric in the Post-TV World

Saturday, October 26th | The Language of Campaigning vs. the Language of Governing

Saturday, November 16th | Rhetoric in Times of Crisis

Saturday, December 14th | The Language of America’s Civil Religion

Spring 2024 – Every Four Years

Saturday, January 6th | Electoral Reform

Saturday, February 3rd | Contested Elections

Saturday, March 9th | Realigning Elections

Saturday, April 6th | The Electoral College

Saturday, April 27th | Presidential Transitions

Fall 2023 – The First Amendment

Saturday, August 26th | Incorporation & Substantive Due Process

Saturday, September 9th | Hate Speech

Saturday, October 14th | The First Amendment & the Classroom

Saturday, November 11 | The Founders and the Free Exercise Clause

Saturday, December 9th | Religious Liberty: Current Issues

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