Jonathan Dayton

Delegates to the Constitutional Convention

Constitutional Convention
Jonathan Dayton. Henry Harrison (1911). Collection of the US House of Representatives. 2005.016.003

State: New Jersey

Age at Convention: 26

Date of Birth: October 16, 1760

Date of Death: October 9, 1824

Schooling: College of New Jersey (Princeton) 1776

Occupation: Public Securities Interests, Real Estate, Land Speculation, Lawyer, Businessman

Prior Political Experience: Lower House of State Legislature New Jersey 1786-1787

Committee Assignments: Committee of Trade

Convention Contributions: Arrived June 21, and except for one week in late July, early August, was present through the signing of the Constitution. William Pierce stated that “there is an impetuosity in his temper that is injurious to him; but there is an honest rectitude about him that makes him a valuable Member of Society.”

New Government Participation: Member U.S. House (1791-1799), Speaker U.S. House (1795-1799) for the State of New Jersey. Served in the U.S. Senate for the State of New Jersey (1799-1805).)