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Teacher Resources for Constitution Day

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Essential Documents

  1. Vices of the Political System of the United States, 1787, James Madison
  2. Notes on the Debates in the Federal Convention, 1787, James Madison
  3. Constitution of the United States, 1787
  4. Letter to Congress Recommending the Constitution, 1787
  5. Federalist I, 1787
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Archived Webinars

  1. American Controversies: Is the Constitution Pro- or Anti-Slavery?
  2. American Controversies: Did the Founders Misunderstand Democracy?
  3. American Controversies: Did the Founders Misunderstand Equality?
  4. Making a Constitutional Republic
  5. Reflection and Choice versus Accident and Force: Making the Constitution

Lesson Plans

  1. A Walking Tour of the Constitution – help your students learn and retain the fundamentals of the Constitution, and create a useful reference for themselves in the process
  2. Founding Principles – a writing lesson that will help students identify and explain a few of the core principles expressed in the Constitution
  3. The Constitutional Convention of 1787 – three related lessons exploring different phases of the Convention
  4. The Federalist-Antifederalist Debates: Diversity and the Extended Republic – two related lessons exploring key issues debated over ratification of the Constitution
  5. Democracy vs. Republic: Federalist 10 and the balancing act between majority and minority interests
  6. Christy’s “Signing of the Constitution of the United States”: a lesson about the Constitution using a visual approach, rooted in Howard Chandler Christy’s famous painting