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The Ashbrook Center offers a variety of resources for teachers:

  • American History Toolkits – Six topically-focused collections of documents-based resources for teachers of American History, aimed at helping teachers begin the transition away from textbooks.
  • Exhibits on the American Founding – Each focusing on a different event related to the founding of the American Republic, include primary and secondary source materials, maps, images, and other resources to help you and your students deeply explore key events and ideas in American history.
  • Exhibits on American History – These resources each focus on a different major theme, event, or idea in American history, with more exhibits to be added over time.
  • We The Teachers – our blog for teachers, updated weekly with program information, podcasts of webinars and other events, and interesting articles related to documents and American studies.
  • Lesson Plans – Links to locations containing quality, documents-based lesson plans for multiple grade levels and student audiences.
  • Presidential Academy – A comprehensive 30-session course covering the entire political and intellectual history of the American experiment in republican self-government. Each session consists of a 60-90 minute lecture from one of the Ashbrook Center’s graduate program faculty or a visiting expert in history and a set of primary source readings. Enrich your knowledge and understanding of American history; use the lectures and materials with your students; and be inspired by masterful analysis and discussion of what makes American government unique in the world. PA materials are available through iTunesU, and are serialized through our We The Teachers blog.
  • Homeschool Resources – For parents of homeschoolers and students, we offer this collection of resources found throughout the site, together on one convenient page.
  • Multimedia Resources – All of our multimedia resources, collected in one place.