American Immigration: Assimilation & Exclusion
Lewis W. Hine, Immigrant Family Looking for Lost Baggage, Ellis Island, 1905. Digital Public Library of America, 79887.

American Immigration: Assimilation & Exclusion

Debates over immigration in America are not new. In fact, Americans have been arguing over who may properly join the American nation since before the founding. To better understand our long history of arguments over immigration, this seminar will explore themes of assimilation, citizenship, and exclusion. The first session will be devoted to an examination of various perspectives on what it means to be or become an American. The second session will focus more narrowly on questions surrounding the legal exclusion of Chinese people from entry and from citizenship.

All attendees of this free seminar will be provided with lunch, a certificate of attendance, and digital and paper copies of the agenda and documents reader.


October 29, 2022 -
October 29, 2022
9:30 AM EST
1:45 PM EST
Ashland, OH
Ashland University
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