Election of 1896
William McKinley, head and shoulders portrait, and Garret A. Hobart, head and shoulders portrait, facing left; in ovals bordered with U.S. flags, Uncle Sam between. , ca. 1896. Photograph. https://www.loc.gov/item/2005691981/.

Every Four Years: Realigning Elections

2024 marks the United States’ 60th presidential election, a process many Americans view as “divisive,” “corrupt,” and “messy.”  This webinar series will examine some of the contentious issues that commonly arise during conversations in secondary government classrooms: electoral reform, contested elections, political realignment, the electoral college and presidential transitions.

Today’s Topic: Realigning Elections and their Ramifications.

Our presidential elections webinars will meet monthly on select Saturday mornings from 10.45am – 12pm ET. Each registered participant will have access to a reading packet, which they are encouraged to complete  in advance. Registered participants can also submit questions in advance.  Those who remain digitally present for the duration of the webinar will receive an attendance letter from Teaching American History for 1.25 hours of professional development.


March 9, 2024 -
March 9, 2024
10:45 AM EDT
12:00 PM EDT
Teaching American History
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