Lincoln and Union
Lincoln's address at the dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery, November 19, 1863. Chicago : Sherwood Lithograph Co., c1905. Library of Congress prints and Photographs Division, LC-DIG-ppmsca-19926 .

Lincoln and Union

The election of Lincoln led to several slave states seceding from the Union before his inauguration. Lincoln’s response in his first inaugural speech was to affirm the principles upon which he was elected, but also seek to find common ground with the South to avert war. This seminar will discuss Lincoln’s work in preserving the Union.

This program will be conducted as a Socratic discussion, utilizing primary source documents as the only readings, and with the Discussion Leader facilitating the conversation, instead of lecturing or presenting. Registrants, therefore, are highly encouraged to read all the documents in advance and come ready with questions. Teachers will receive a Letter of Attendance at the conclusion of the seminar.


December 10, 2022 -
December 10, 2022
8:30 AM EDT
2:15 PM EDT
Wheeling, WV
West Virginia Independence Hall
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The Scholars

Honored Visiting Graduate Faculty at Saint Vincent College