Missouri, Dred Scott and the Coming of the Civil War
Louis Schultze. Dred Scott (1795-1858). Courtesy of the Missouri Historical Society.

Missouri, Dred Scott and the Coming of the Civil War

The Civil War was the result of decades of issues, ideas, and actions by individuals and groups, across a less than 100 year old American. In this seminar, teachers will explore the connection between emerging ideas about slavery and race, and a Supreme Court case that contributed to the causes of the Civil War.

This program will be conducted as a conversation among peers, utilizing primary source documents as the only readings, and with the Professor facilitating the conversation, instead of lecturing or presenting. Registrants are highly encouraged to read the documents and come with questions. All attendees will be provided lunch and a Letter of Attendance.


August 2, 2024 -
August 2, 2024
8:30 AM CDT
2:30 PM CDT
Jefferson City, MO
The Missouri State Museum
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