American Foreign Policy
Action between USS Constitution and HMS Guerriere, 19 August 1812: In Action Oil on canvas, 32 x 48, by Michel Felice Corne (1752-1845), depicting the two frigates firing on each other, as Guerriere's mizzen mast goes over the side. Painting in the collections of the U.S. Naval Academy Museum, transferred from the Navy Department in 1869. Official U.S. Navy Photograph.

The War of 1812

What drove America to its first declared war, and how did President Madison and his government handle the political, economic, and military dimensions of this short, but important, conflict? This online program is open to any teachers.

All attendees of this free seminar will receive a digital copy of the reader.


September 28, 2022 -
September 28, 2022
4:55 PM MDT
6:10 PM MDT
Colorado Council for the Social Studies
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The Scholars

Thomas & Mabel Guy Professor Honored Professor of American History and Government at Ashland University