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Carpenter's Hall
(320 Chestnut Street)

Carpenters' Hall Founded in Philadelphia in 1724, the Carpenters' Company was an organization of carpenters who associated with each other to advance their trade and help each other out in time of need. Their building—Carpenters' Hall—hosted the First Continental Congress in 1774. The rumor was that the State House—subsequently Independence Hall, and the home of the Second Continental Congress—was full of "Tory Sympathizers." It was also chosen as the site for the First Continental Congress because it was one of the few buildings in Philadelphia large enough to host a convention.

Carpenter's Hall was also the original home of the First Bank of the United States from its creation in 1791 until the completion of the First Bank building in 1797.

Back of Carpenters' Hall

Carpenters' Hall
Carpenters' Hall Carpenters' Hall
Rendition of an 18th Century Working Class House behind Carpenters' Hall Rendition of an 18th Century Backyard behind Carpenters' Hall
Carpenters' Hall 18th Century Garden behind Carpenters' Hall

Sign at Carpenters' Hall