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Introducing our Spring 2024 Webinar Series: "Every Four Years"

ByAmanda Bryan
On December 18, 2023

For the past year, staff and faculty members at Teaching American History have heard from our teacher partners that they want election materials!  

We know you want to help your students better understand today’s political environment by providing them with sources that illustrate the history of contentious elections.  You want a deeper understanding of the institutions and rules surrounding the presidential process so that you feel more comfortable tackling our country’s current controversies within the walls of your classroom.  And finally, you want all of this from a trusted and nonpartisan source.  

2024 marks the 60th time that Americans have gone to the polls to elect a new president.  To better prepare and support our teacher audience through the process that many voters now describe as “divisive,” “corrupt,” and “messy,” Teaching American History created our Spring 2024 Saturday webinar series: Every Four Years. Designed for the working educator, our webinars meet monthly on select Saturday mornings from 10.45am – 12pm ET. Participants will have access to advanced readings and can submit questions several days in advance.  Those who remain digitally present for the duration of the conversation will receive an attendance letter from Teaching American History for 1.25 hours of professional development.

Register now for this free professional development by clicking on the links below!

Saturday, Jan. 6th – Electoral Reform & Contentious Elections

Saturday, Feb. 3rd – Contested Elections

March 9th – Realigning Elections

April 6th – The Electoral College

May 11th – Presidential Transitions


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