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Center for the Constitution: Montpelier Weekend Seminars

October 1, 2012

by Amy Davis

The Center for the Constitution has a wonderful series of seminars available for those teachers who just cannot get enough professional development.  As described by their website, the Center for the Constitution challenges teachers thus: “Immerse yourself into the theory and meaning of the American Constitution” by applying “to one of our seminars at the Center for the Constitution at James Madison’s Montpelier in Orange, Virginia.”

Teachers who apply and are accepted get to spend a weekend studying the Founding at the home of President James Madison.  The classroom environment is unmatched, the instructors are superb, and the cost is low, low, low.  The fee is $1250, but private donors pay for all expenses save a $50 registration fee charged to accepted applicants.

This series of professional development opportunities are called the Montpelier Weekend Seminars.  In order to view the names of the different seminars, their respective dates, and to start the application process, visit the Center for the Constitution’s Classroom Seminars page.

The Montpelier Classroom Seminars are a unique professional development opportunity for social studies teachers and other civic educators. Participants in a Montpelier Weekend Seminar will live and study on the grounds of James Madison's Montpelier, one of the central sites of the American constitutional founding.

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