Abigail Vegter

Berry College
Honored Visiting Graduate Faculty

Abigail Vegter is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Berry College. She earned her PhD in political science at the University of Kansas, concentrating in the subfields of American politics and public policy with a minor in research methodology. She maintains an active research agenda focusing on religion and politics, gun politics, public opinion, political behavior, and policy attitudes in the United States.

Her scholarship currently focuses on the relationship between religion and gun ownership, particularly looking at the role of identity in shaping policy attitudes and the policy process. Her dissertation, Faithful Firearms: The Role of Religion in Gun Owner Identity, Gun Policy Attitudes, and Gun Policy Adoption, utilizes diverse methods to approach her central theoretical questions. Her research interests, however, extend beyond religion and gun ownership. She has several forthcoming publications concerning religion and gun politics, race and gun ownership, morality policy, LGBTQ+ politics, and new methodological approaches to studying interest groups.

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