Summer History & Literature Seminars

Delve into the history and meaning of America through the words of historical figures great and small

Our History & Literature seminars encourage the cross-curricular study of key themes in American history by examining historical documents and literary texts.  Open to both social studies and English/language arts teachers at any level, the seminars will delve into the history and meaning of America through the words of historical figures great and small, as well as through the prose and verse of the nation’s writers. Each seminar will be taught by a historian or political scientist teamed with a literary scholar.

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American History & Literature

All history and English teachers should take this course to learn how to effectively integrate primary source documents into the English classroom and literature into the history classroom while making it engaging and educational.

-Marissa Burd, English teacher

Discuss American history and literature in context with teachers and scholars.

Teaching American History's History and Literature courses apply our program's philosophy to American literature. Small groups of teachers discuss the larger themes of American history, politics, and culture through the lens of literary works. Together they explore these issues through deep reading and analysis, taking their discoveries back to the classroom.

A unique and dynamic faculty.

The cross-disciplinary nature of our History and Literature seminars led themselves to team teaching. Every course is led by two scholars: a historian and a literature professor. Together, they lead teachers to insights beyond their content area, deepening the conversation.

Courses designed for working teachers.

History and Literature courses are built around a working teacher's schedule. Hosted in the summer, each 2-credit course is a week-long seminar held in one of four sessions. Many teachers take the journey with a colleague, traveling together to our campus in Ashland, Ohio. We also provide a number of scholarships to help teachers pay for their time in Ashland. Learn more about paying for summer session.

The Value of Studying History and Literature Together: One Teacher's Story

When Ashbrook announced a new program combining the study of historical and literary texts, Eric Stoner, a graduate of the Master of Arts in American History and Government (MAHG) program, eagerly signed up. During his MAHG work, Stoner had taken a “Great Texts” course that featured both the journalism and fiction of Ernest Hemingway. The course, taught by historian Dan Monroe, had changed the way Stoner teaches the changes in American social life following World War I.

View the Schedule of 2022 Seminars

Each of our 2022 History & Literature seminars will take place on the campus of Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio.