Paying for Your Education

More Affordable Than You Think

For many aspiring graduate students, the cost of earning their degree makes enrollment seem impossible. The two most common ways to—leaving full-time employment to live the spartan life of a graduate teaching assistant or taking out tens of thousands of dollars in students loans—are simply impossible for anyone with family or professional obligations. Ashland’s MA programs make it possible for you to keep working and minimize student debt—or even avoid it altogether.

Get Started on Your Studies with a Tuition-Free Course

We’ll help you get started with your studies. As a new degree-seeking student, you will receive your first weeklong summer course at our Ashland, Ohio campus tuition-free. Come give it a try on us. There’s no obligation on your part. You aren’t expected to repay us if you don’t finish the degree.

Take Courses When The Time is Right

Need to spread out your studies over several years so you can pay as you go? Have an important family event coming up that requires you to take time away from your studies? You can do so at Ashland.

We recognize that taking a full load continuously each semester is a lot for busy working adults to handle. Our students are not required to remain continuously enrolled each semester. Need to take a semester (or more) off to save up for future courses? Have to teach summer school this year? You are free to do so without losing your place in the program. When you are ready to resume your studies, simply register for classes.

Find Fellowship Aid to Support Your Studies

We are often able to offer students fellowship grants to help support their studies. Fellowships are available to help offset the cost of attendance at our weeklong summer courses. In addition, outside groups like the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation offer grants for secondary school social studies teachers to earn a master’s degree in a program like MAHG. More than 300 Madison Fellows have chosen Ashland for their studies. Interested? Our faculty and staff are available to help you develop your application essays.

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