Multi-Day Seminars

Gather with other teachers from around the country for three days immersed in discussion and exploration of a single topic in American history.

Hosted near an important historical site, Multi-Day Seminars are a free opportunity for teachers to network with others in their field while developing deep content expertise in a selected topic. Teachers return to the classroom with fifteen contact hours of continuing education and materials to translate their learnings into the classroom. 

Fall 2024 Multi Day Applications have closed. If you applied, you will receive notification of your status by June 14, 2024. Watch for Spring 2025 coming soon.

Three Days of Discovery

Each Multi-Day seminar runs for three days, often from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. During those three days, a small group of teachers are immersed in learning and discussion. Between discussion sessions, shared meals, and a visit to a local historical site, they build deep rapport among their group and with their discussion leader.

Deep Learning through Reading and Discussion

Each Multi-Day seminar is focused on a specific topic of American history. Depending on the topic, teachers will prepare ahead of time for seminars with about five hours of reading selected documents provided in the course packet. Once the seminar begins, the discussion leader guides a peer-to-peer, text-based conversation among all participants. New perspectives emerge as teachers share their impressions and ideas, creating deep conversations and connections to the content.

Continuing Education Made Possible Through Grants

Through grants and generous donations, Teaching American History is able to offer Multi-Day programming to teachers for no cost. Meals, materials, double-occupancy rooms, and historical site visits are 100% covered by Teaching American History. At the end of each course, every teacher receives a letter of participation for 15 contact hours and a $600 stipend to cover travel costs.

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