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Core American Documents: Great Depression and New Deal

June 20, 2018

by Jeremy Gypton

Carol M. Highsmith, Sculpture depicting a Great Depression breadline at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Washington, D.C. United States Washington D.C, None. [Between 1980 and 2006]. Library of Congress, LC-DIG-highsm-15096.

The Great Depression and New Deal can be more easily understood by thinking of it as a story in six parts.

Today’s interview is with Dr. John Moser, Professor of History at Ashland University and editor of the Core Documents volume on the Great Depression and New Deal. A complex and multi-faceted event that played out over a more than a decade, it can be understood by thinking of it as having taken place in six parts, chronologically:

  1. Hoover and the Great Depression
  2. Hoover vs. Roosevelt: The Election of 1932
  3. Roosevelt First New Deal, 1932-1934
  4. Criticism of the New Deal
  5. Roosevelt’s Second New Deal, 1934-1936
  6. The New Deal in Decline, 1936-1938

John talks about how he went about selecting documents to fit this model, how the documents fit together, and how using these documents can greatly improve the quality and interest level in a unit on the Great Depression and New Deal.

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