Documents in Detail: The American Revolution

ByJeremy Gypton
On August 12, 2021

Our first Documents in Detail webinar for the 21-22 school year took place on Wednesday, 18 August, at 7pm ET, and focused on the “List of Prints to Illustrate British Cruelties.” Part of a volume assembled for use by Ben Franklin in France in 1779, the never-published work was intended to illustrate atrocities committed by the British against the American colonists. Despite that fact that it was not used, it provides an interesting inside view on how the protracted war actually undermined British efforts.

Moderator: Dr. David Krugler, University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Panelists: Dr. Rob McDonald, United States Military Academy; Dr. Todd Estes, Oakland University

Download Dr. McDonald’s American Revolution Core Documents Collection for free here.


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