Program Report: Cold War Weekend Colloquium in Green Valley, AZ

On November 23, 2015


Our teachers, from CA to NY and many parts in between

From November 20-22, 17 teachers from across the country gathered in Green Valley, Arizona, to discuss the Cold War with Dr. John Moser of Ashland University. Discussion sessions focused on the origins of the Cold War, Truman and Containment, Eisenhower’s ‘New Look,’ and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The weekend also included a visit to the Titan Missile Museum, the only place in the world where the public can tour a Titan II missile silo. Teachers took part in a special 2-hour tour that included stops in the command center, crew quarters, and silo itself – to include viewing the missile from beneath, at over 120 feet underground – all the while learning about how the complex operated, the crew worked, and the system functioned as part of America’s defense strategy from the 1960s through the 80s. Tour docents included a former Titan II missile complex commander.

Titan II ICBM, from 120 underground

Session 19: Lincoln's Election, Secession, and the Civil War


Session 20: Lincoln and Civil Liberties

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