Three Views on Liberty & Equality

Three Views on Liberty & Equality

Liberty and equality are two essential ingredients of the American experiment in self-government; however, they are far more complex as ideas and practical applications than they might seem at first glance. Study, through selections of original documents, different definitions of and views on these ideas, from three separate periods in American history, and gain a greater appreciation for the delicate balance and tension between the two.

This program will be conducted as a Socratic discussion, utilizing primary source documents as the only readings, and with Dr. Adam Seagrave facilitating the conversation, instead of lecturing or presenting. Registrants, therefore, are highly encouraged to read all the documents in advance and come ready with questions. Teachers will receive a Letter of Attendance at the conclusion of the seminar.


April 9, 2024 -
April 9, 2024
8:30 AM MST
2:15 PM MST
Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix Unified School District
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