Core Documents Collections is excited to share another resource for American history,  government, civics, and social studies teachers. While you may be familiar with our 50 Core American Documents book, we are launching a new multi-volume document collection.

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Each Core Documents volume will contain the following:

  • Key documents on the period, theme, or institution, selected by an expert and reviewed by an editorial board
  • An introduction highlighting key documents and themes
  • A thematic table of contents, showing the connections between various documents
  • Study questions for each document, as well as questions that refer to other documents in the collection
  • Notes on each document to identify people, events, movements, or ideas to improve understanding of the document’s historical context.

When complete, the series will be comprehensive and authoritative, and will present America’s story in the words of those who wrote it – America’s presidents, labor leaders, farmers, philosophers, industrialists, politicians, workers, explorers, religious leaders, judges, soldiers; its slaveholders and abolitionists; its expansionists and isolationists; its reformers and stand-patters; its strict and broad constructionists; its hard-eyed realists and visionary utopians – all united in their commitment to equality and liberty, yet so often divided by their different understandings of these most fundamental American ideas.

The documents are all about this – the still unfinished American experiment with self-government. In sum, our intent is that the documents and their supporting material provide unique access to the richness of the American story. We hope that you will find this resource to be intriguing and helpful for your classroom.

Core Documents Volumes

Completed Volumes: 

Documents and Debates (2 Volumes)

The American Founding

The Constitutional Convention


The Great Depression and the New Deal

World War II

The Cold War

The American Presidency

The Bill of Rights

Full List

American History

The American Mind – Essential American Texts

Education in America

Colonial America

The American Revolution

The American Founding

The Creation of the Constitution

Ratification of the Constitution

The Creation of the Bill of Rights

The First Amendment – Free Speech

Early Republic

Age of Democracy, Age of Jackson

Westward Expansion

Social Reform Movements – 1790 to 1850

Causes of the Civil War

Civil War


Gilded Age

Nationalism and Imperialism

Progressivism and Populism

World War I and the Roaring Twenties

The Great Depression and the New Deal

World War II

Vietnam and Social Change in the 1960s

Cold War America

The First Amendment – Religious Liberty

Race, Gender, Equality, and Civil Rights in America

American Foreign Policy, 1789 -1945

American Government

The American Presidency

The Congress

The Judicial Branch


Political Parties, Campaigns, and Elections

Influential Supreme Court Cases

Political Economy

The Commercial Republic

Please contact Daniel Mitchell if you have any questions or would like more information about using the Core Documents Collections in your classroom or school.


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