Core American Documents: Documents and Debates

ByJeremy Gypton
On May 16, 2018

The latest volumes of our Core American Documents Collections – Documents and Debates – are now available! and professors Rob McDonald and LTC Seanegan Sculley from the History Department at the United States Military Academy at West Point worked together to create a two-volume set of documents readers, which starting in Fall 2018, will be used by all West Point cadets in their two-semester American History survey course. These volumes are structured around a series of topics, each based on a debatable question. For each topic there is a collection of documents that, together, form the basis of argument over that topic – from those who debated it at a given point in American history. For example, students will have the opportunity to understand why and how FDR and his administration made a case for Social Security, and will also read reasoned arguments against the program. The goal is to explore a series of critical moments in American history by asking questions for which there are not simple yes/no answers, but instead call for informed discussion and rational debate – where answers can be said to be valid, but not necessarily wrong or right.

These readers also include appendices of additional documents, and together are a perfect fit for any American History survey course, including AP United States History.

Available Now!

Volume 1: 1493-1865: iTunes, Kindle, and PDF.

Volume 2: 1865-2009: iTunes, Kindle, and PDF.

Download both volumes – PDF here

Hard copies are also available for $10 each – email [email protected] if you would like to place an order.

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Core Documents: 2 Volume "Documents and Debates" now available


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