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A Sample Course in the MAHG Curriculum: The American Founding

April 6, 2012

by Nicole Birchmeier

An intensive study of the Constitutional Convention, the struggle over ratification of the Constitution, and the creation of the Bill of Rights, this course includes a close examination of The Federalist and the anti-federalist papers. It will be offered twice this summer, both times in Philadelphia. Taught by  Ashland University Professor Christopher Burkett and Guest Lecturer Gordon Lloyd (Pepperdine University), a leading scholar of the Founding era. Lloyd, who designed our interactive web exhibits on the Constitutional Convention and the, Ratification of the Constitution offers an enthusiast’s encyclopedic knowledge of Founding era.

Students new to the degree program may take their first course at the Ashland campus tuition-free.  There is no obligation or risk. Learn More about the Program and view the schedule online.

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