Eleanor Roosevelt with "Chief'' Charles Alfred Johnson

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Eleanor Roosevelt, My Day: A Comprehensive, Electronic Edition of Eleanor Roosevelt’s “My Day” Columns. Online by the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers, Project of the Department of History at George Washington University. https://goo.gl/NvuBQM

“. . . Finally we went out to the aviation field, where a Civil Aeronautics unit for the teaching of colored pilots is in full swing. They have advanced training here, and some of the students went up and did acrobatic flying for us. These boys1 are good pilots. I had the fun of going up in one of the tiny training planes with the head instructor, and seeing this interesting countryside from the air.

The days at Tuskegee have given me much to think about. To see a group of people working together for improvement of undesirable conditions is very heartening. . . .”

  1. 1. In referring to the pilots as “boys,” Mrs. Roosevelt is using a term universally applied to American soldiers, sailors, and airmen during World War II.
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