Manual of Independence

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Toasts1. The day we celebrate . . . May it never return unless to find us independent.

2. The memory of Gen. Washington & May his spirit be upon us in this crisis of our destiny.

3. The President of the United States: who never shrunk from asserting the interests of his country.

4. American Independence. . . may every annual revolution bring it to greater perfection , till time shall be no more!

5. The United States . . . May their government always be administered, as at present, by enlightened, honest, and patriotic statesmen.

6. The State of Virginia . . . She was the first to propose; she will be the last to surrender American Independence.

7. The Patriot Heroes, who died to give us the liberty we celebrate.

8. The revolutionary heroes who still survive . . . May the guardian angels of heaven watch around them.

9. The Sprit of ’76 . . . Our forefathers have taught us how to deny ourselves, and to be free.

10. Domestic Manufactures . . . The injustice of G. Britain made us politically independent: — of Britain and France shall make us morally so.

11. Union and Energy . . . The mouldering monarchies of Europe, may tumble at the tyrant’s touch — our republic in the vigor of youth, shall defy his thunders.

12. Our brethren of Massachusetts . . . We have not forgotten where the war of liberty began — let them not forget where it ended.

13. May our differences with foreign powers be happily settled, but not with a sacrifice of national honor.

14. Peace, if to be preserved with honor; if not, war.

15. Illumination to the minds of those who cannot see the wisdom of the measures of the present administration.

16. An eternal Embargo, rather than a moment’s submission to any power on earth.

17. The American Fair; though last, not least .

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