Editorial To the Assembly of the State of Tennessee

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To the honorable the Gen. Assembly of the State of Tennessee.

The petition of a number of the people of Tennessee, Respectfully sheweth, That great distress and sacrifices of property prevails throughout the state, on account of the scarcity of circulating medium: insomuch that in many instances good horses valued at from 40 to 50 dollars have been sold by virtue of executions for less than a dollar a piece, cows for half a dollar, and other property in proportion; these evils we apprehend are occasioned by the Embargo, an act of the General Government, calculated no doubt for the general good of the nation; as these evils are occasioned by a measure of government we conceive that we have a right to expect relief from the constituted authorities: We are flattered with the idea that the Embargo is to be discontinued, but we are informed that a state of war is to ensue as the only alternative; We conceive that no benifit will result to the people of this state by such a change. Considering the evils and embarrassments under which the people of this state are labouring, and are liable still to suffer, we humbly suggest to the General Assembly, the propriety of extending that principle in our laws which authorises Magistrates to suspend the issuing of execution, a certain number of days after giving judgment, in cases under 50 dollars, so as to make it apply to all cases of debt, to any amount, and the suspension to continue till the end of the next stated session of our Legislature. In our humble opinion justices and mercy require such a measure.

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