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Faculty & Staff

Sarah Beth V. Kitch

Honored Visiting Graduate Faculty

Sarah Beth V. Kitch is Assistant Professor of Public Affairs at the Truman School of Public Affairs and Assistant Professor of Constitutional Democracy at the Kinder Institute at the University of Missouri.  She received her Ph.D. from Louisiana State University in 2014 and recently completed an appointment as the 2016-17 Thomas W. Smith Postdoctoral Research Associate in Religion and Public Life in the Department of Politics at Princeton University.  Her scholarly interests center on American democracy at the intersection of race and citizenship, having published articles in the American Journal of Political Science (2016) and the Journal of Church and State (2015).

Her research focuses on sources of action.  Her current work examines Martin Luther King, Jr.’s political theology and how King’s participation in the prophetic tradition shapes his politics.  In addition, she is developing a study of C.S. Lewis’s theory of poetic imagination and its significance for politics, based on research conducted for her dissertation, “Accountable Actors: Politics and Poetic Imagination in Huxley, Lewis, and Orwell.”