Letter from Abraham Lincoln to Lyman Trumbull (1857)

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Hon. Lyman Trumbull.

Dear Sir: What does the New-York Tribune mean by it’s constant eulogizing, and admiring, and magnifying [of] Douglas? Does it, in this, speak the sentiments of the republicans at Washington? Have they concluded that the republican cause, generally, can be best promoted by sacrificing us here in Illinois? If so we would like to know it soon; it will save us a great deal of labor to surrender at once.

As yet I have heared of no republican here going over to Douglas; but if the Tribune continues to din his praised into the ears of it’s five or ten thousand republican readers in Illinois, it is more than con be hoped that all will stand firm. I am not complaining. I only wish a fair understanding. Please write me at Springfield. Your Obt. Servt.

A. Lincoln-


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