Federalist No. 6

Publius (Alexander Hamilton)

Concerning Dangers From Dissension Between The States

November 14, 1787

Federalist No. 9

Publius (Alexander Hamilton)

The Union As A Safeguard Against Domestic Faction And Insurrection

November 21, 1787

Federalist No. 23

Publius (Alexander Hamilton)

The Necessity Of A Government As Energetic As The One Proposed To The Preservation Of The Union

December 18, 1787

Federalist No. 35

Publius (Alexander Hamilton)

The Same Subject Continued

January 05, 1788

Federalist No. 49

Publius (James Madison)

Method Of Guarding Against The Encroachments Of Any One Department Of Government By Appealing To The People Through A Convention

February 02, 1788

Federalist No. 54

Publius (James Madison)

The Apportionment Of Members Among The States

February 12, 1788

Federalist No. 68

Publius (Alexander Hamilton)

The Mode Of Electing The President

March 12, 1788

Federalist No. 70

Publius (Alexander Hamilton)

The Executive Department Further Considered

March 15, 1788

Federalist No. 78

Publius (Alexander Hamilton)

A View of The Constitution of the Judicial Department in Relation to the Tenure of Good Behaviour

May 28, 1788

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