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Every circumstance conspires to prove this great truth, that the consequence of the people’s rejecting the federal Constitution, will be Anarchy in the extreme. If then, only the possibility of a transfer of some of our franchises, will be the effect of adopting it—can the enlightened citizens of America hesitate one moment what course to pursue?—Can they wish an introduction of that baneful progeny of hell, anarchy and misrule—

From whose swell’d eyes there runs a briny flood;
Whose crimson faces gleam with clotted blood;
Around whose heads serpentine elf-locks play;
Whose tatter’d raiments rotten skins betray—
And brandish’d flames their trembling hands obey?

A correspondent asks, are the gentlemen who have withheld their assent from the Federal Constitution, superiour to Washington or Franklin, either in abilities or patriotism—men whose names, born on the wings of fame, are known throughout the world—and whose merit is universally acknowledged—Indeed the good and the great of every nation have been lavish in their panegyricks on their characters—a French philosopher, speaking of our illustrious Fabius, enraptured bids us to “Begin with the infant in the cradle: Let the first word he lisps be WASHINGTON!” While the names of the dissenters scarce are heard without the limits of the respective States they belong to.—LET US THINK ON THIS.

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