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To the People of America.

Amongst the numerous publications that have issued from the press, on the subject of Federal Government, none have attracted the public attention more than that intitled the FEDERALIST, under the signature of PUBLIUS:–The justness of the reasoning, the force of the arguments, and the beauty of the language, which distinguish this performance, have justly recommended it to general applause.

To attain a competent knowledge of the advantages to be derived from adopting the proposed Federal Constitution, is no doubt the sincere wish of every true friend to his country:–This performance being entirely free from party spirit and personal invective, is therefore well calculated to accomplish so desireable an end.

The avidity with which this writer’s pieces have been sought after by politicians and persons of every description, and the particular attention the different printers throughout the United States have shewn them by regular insertions in their papers, are conclusive proofs of the superior excellence of this elegant political production. The manner in which the author treats and discusses the controverted parts of the Constitution, displays much information, patriotism and candour, and can hardly fail of meeting with a favourable reception from the opposers, as well as the advocates of the new system of Government.

Under this persuasion the Publishers flatter themselves with the countenance and support of the Citizens of America, to a publication evidently written to promote their Welfare, Happiness and prosperity.

In the Press and speedily will be published,


A Collection of Essays, written in favour
of the New Constitution,

By a Citizen of New-York,

Corrected by the Author, with Additions and Alterations.


This Work will be printed on a fine Paper and good Type, in one handsome Volume duodecimo.

The number of Pages the Volume will contain, cannot rightly be ascertained, as the Author has not yet done publishing, but the Printers engage to deliver them to Subscribers at the very reasonable Rate of Five Shillings for 200 Pages, Six Shillings if 250, and all above gratis.–(The Numbers already published will make more than 200 Pages, and the Author does not seem to be nigh a close.)

To render this Work more complete, will be added,
without any additional expence,

and the ARTICLES of the CONVENTION, as agreed upon at Philadelphia, September 17th, 1787.

A few Copies will be printed on superfine Royal Writing Paper, Price Ten Shillings.

No Money required till Delivery.

SUBSCRIPTIONS are taken in by J. M’LEAN, and Co. No. 41, Hanover-Square, by the several Booksellers of the City, and by all others intrusted with Proposals.

New-York, January 1, 1788.

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