New Hampshire Ratifying Convention Proposed Admendments

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That no standing Army shall be Kept up in time of Peace unless with the consent of three fourths of the Members of each branch of Congress, nor shall Soldiers in Time of Peace be quartered upon private Houses without the consent of the Owners. —


Congress shall make no Laws touching Religion, or to infringe the rights of Conscience–


Congress shall never disarm any Citizen unless such as are or have been in Actual Rebellion.–

And the Convention Do. In the Name & behalf of the People of this State enjoin it upon their Representatives in Congress, at all Times until the alterations and provisions aforesaid have been Considered agreeably to the fifth Article of the said Constitution to exert all their Influence & use all reasonable & Legal methods to obtain a ratification of the said alterations & Provisions, in such manner as is provided in the said article— And That the United States in Congress Assembled may have due notice of the assent & Ratification of the said Constitution by this Convention. –It is resolved that the Assent & Ratification aforesaid be engrossed on Parchment, together with the Recommendation & injunction aforesaid & with this Resolution—And that John Sullivan Esquire President of Convention, & John Langdon Esquire President of the State Transmit the same Countersigned by the Secretary of Convention & the Secretary of the State under their hands & Seals to the United States in Congress Assembled. —

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