Delaware calls for state convention

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In the House of Assembly of The Delaware State
Friday, P.M. November 9. 1787

Whereas the Convention of Deputies from The United States, lately assembled in the City of Philadelphia, have proposed a Constitution for the said States, to be submitted to a Convention of Delegates chosen in each State by the People thereof, under the Recommendation of its Legislature, for the Assent and Ratification, and that each Convention assenting to, and ratifying the same, should give Notice thereof to The United States in Congress assembled.

And whereas The United States in Congress assembled have unanimously resolved, that the said Constitution, with the said Constitution, with the Resolution and Letter accompanying the same, be transmitted to the several Legislatures, in order to be submitted to a Convention of Delegates chosen in each State by the People thereof in Conformity to the Resolves of the Convention made and provided in that Case. And Whereas it is the Sense and Desire of great Numbers of the good People of this State, signified in Petitions to this General Assembly, that speedy Measures should be adopted to assembly a Convention within the State for the Purpose of deliberating and determining on the said Constitution.


1. That it be and hereby is recommended to the Freemen and Inhabitants of this State, who are qualified by Law to vote for Representatives to the General Assembly, that they choose suitable Persons to serve as Delegates in a State—Convention for the Purpose herein before mentioned, that is for the three Counties the same Number of Delegates that each is intitled to of Representatives in the General Assembly, to wit, Ten for the County of New Castle, Ten for the County of Kent, and Ten for the Country of Sussex.

2. That the Elections for Delegates afsd. In the respective Counties of this State be held on Monday the Twenty sixth Day of this Instant November, at the same Places where the General Elections for Representatives to the General Assembly are, or may by Law by appointed to be held; and that the same be conducted by the Officers who conduct the said Elections of Representatives, and agreeably to the Rules and Regulations thereof; and that the Persons so elected to serve in Convention meet at the Town of Dover on the Monday following

3. That the Delegates who attend the said Convention be intitled to the same Allowance per Diem, as Representatives to the General Assembly are intitled to reveive for their Attendance; which said Allowance shall be paid by the State—Treasurer, upon receiving an Order for the same, signed by the President of this State.

4. That the President or Commander in Chief transmit to the Convention afsd. When met, an authentic Copy of the Foederal Constitution afsd.

5. That the Proposition submitted to the General Assembly, by Petition from divers of the Greemen resident in the upper part of this State, of ceding to The United States a District within the State for the Seat of the Government of The United States, and for the exclusive Legislation of Congress, be and hereby is recommended to the particular Consideration of the Convention.

6. That for the Information of the Citizens of this State, the Clerk of this House cause the aforesaid Resolutions to be published in the Delaware Gazette, and procure one hundred Copies to be printed, and transmitted to the Sheriffs of the several Counties, to be by them fixed up at the most public Places in their Counties respectively.

Signed by Order of the House of Assembly,
Jehu Davis Speaker

Sent for Concurrence

In Council. Saturday. A.M. Novr 10th. 1787

Read and Concurred in.

Signed by Order of The Council
Thomas M[c]Donough Speaker.

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