Letter to Abraham Yates

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Mr. Lansing who this day arrived here informs me that you are surprized you have not heard from me.

I answered yours on the 20 ult. And sent it by the post, and I presume that you are now in possession of it.

Alas sir! My foreboding there are too much realized, and to prevent any member from communicating the future proceedings of Convention additional Rules have since been entered into, one of which strictly prohibits the communications of its business until the final close of it. While I remain a sitting member these rules must be obligatory. How long I shall remain future events must determined. I keep in the meanwhile an exact journal of all its proceedings. This communication is in the most perfect confidence, in which only one other Person beside yourself can participate. My respectable compliments to the Governor and remain Sir.

Your most obedient humble Servant

Robert Yates

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