Virginia Calls for State Convention

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Resolved unanimously, that the proceedings of the Federal Convention transmitted to the General Assembly through the medium of Congress, be submitted to a Convention of the people for their full and free investigation, discussion, and decision.

Resolved, That every citizen being a freeholder in this commonwealth be eligible to a seat in the convention, and that the people therefore be not restrained in their choice of Delegates by any other of those legal or constitutional restrictions which confine them in their choice of members to the Legislature.

Resolved, That it be recommended to each county to elect two Delegates, and to each city, town, or corporation entitled or which may be entitled by law to representation in the Legislature, to elect one Delegate to the said Convention.

Resolved, That the qualifications of the Electors be the same with those now established by law, for the choice of representatives to the General Assembly.

Resolved, That the elections for Delegates as aforesaid be held at the several places appointed by law for holding the elections for Delegates to the General Assembly, and that the same be conducted by the officers who conduct the elections for Delegates, and conformably to the rules and regulations thereof.

Resolved, That the election for Delegates be held in the month of March next, on the first day of the court to be held for each county, city, or corporation respectively, and that the persons so chosen shall assemble at the state—house in the city of Richmond on the first Monday in June next.

Resolved, That two thousand copies of these resolutions be forthwith printed, and dispersed by the members of the General Assembly among their constitutents, and that the Executive transmit a copy of them to Congress, and to the Legislatures and Executives of the respective states.

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