Letter from Abraham Lincoln to Governor Michael Hahn (1864)

Image: Michael Hahn. (c.1865) Wikimedia Commons. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Michael_Hahn.jpg

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Hon. Michael Hahn

My dear Sir:

I congratulate you on having fixed your name in history as the first—free—state Governor of Louisiana. Now you are about to have a Convention which, among other things, will probably define the elective franchise. I barely suggest for your private consideration, whether some of the colored people may not be let in—as, for instance, the very intelligent, and especially those who have fought gallantly in our ranks. They would probably help, in some trying time to come, to keep the jewel of liberty within the family of freedom. But this is only a suggestion, not to the public, but to you alone.

Yours truly


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