Letter from Abraham Lincoln to George Ashmun (1860)

Image: George Ashmun. Poore, Benjamin Perley. (1886) Wikimedia Commons. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:George_Ashmun.png

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Hon: George Ashmun:

President of the Republican National Convention.

Sir: I accept the nomination tendered me by the Convention over which you presided, and of which I am formally appri[z]ed in the letter of yourself and others, acting as a committee of the convention, for the purpose.

The declaration of principles and sentiments, which accompanies your letter, meets my approval; and it shall be my care not to violate, or disregard it, in any part.

Imploring the assistance of Divine Providence, and with due regard to the views and feelings of all who were represented in the convention; to the rights of all the states, and territories, and people of the nation; to the inviolability of the [C]onstitution, and the perpetual union, harmony, and prosperity of all, I am most happy to co—operate for the practical success of the principles declared by the convention.

Your obliged friend, and fellow citizen


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